Casual Friday Wear

Workplace attire etiquette has changed so much over the last decade or so.  In general, things have become more relaxed in terms of dress code, across most every profession.  Casual Friday has been around for ages – as has the confusion and anxiety that can surround the freedom of it all.  There are generally guidelines to adhere to, but a large amount of gray area certainly exists.    The freedom Denim is fine, but high-end, current denim preferred.  Sweaters are okay, but sweatshirts need not apply.  Open toe shoes are okay, flip flops, not so much.  The conundrum is real!  Especially enticing about the concept of dressing more lax on Fridays is the fact that your outfit can take you from day to night, no need to go home and change if you have Friday night plans out on the town.  Layering can further help: shed a blazer Superwoman fashion and expose a chic evening outfit beneath. Whew!  There’s a lot to consider when dressing on Friday mornings.  Sometimes dressing in a workwear, career “uniform” might almost be easier.  Almost!  Here’s some outfit inspo to keep you looking effortlessly and casually chic on Fridays.  TGIF, ladies!




images via pinterest

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