Kitschy Beauty Products

Ok.  We’ve all done it: fallen victim to a beauty product’s ploy of romancing us with a fun, kitchy, sexy name; causing marketing geniuses somewhere to laugh themselves all the way to the bank.

Marketers have been doing this since the beginning of time.  Case in point: Tickle antiperspirant, complements of the 1970’s.

First up: Two Faced Better Than Sex Mascara.   How mascara can be compared to sex is anyone’s guess, but I’m fairly certain there are more than a couple of ladies out there who have shelled out the $23 to find out.  The wand was evidently designed to mimic a woman’s hourglass shape.  Please let me know if you’ve used it; and if it lives up to it’s name or not.

Gentlemen, don’t fret.  You can get in on the play-on-words party later this month when Tom Ford drops his new scent that is for him or for her.  The scent features whiffs of almond bitter oil, tonka resinoid, orris accord, cashmeran, leather accord, and clary sage oil.  So there’s that.


Too Faced strikes again with their Papa Don’t Peach collection.  I mean, how cute is this?  The best part?  The peach scent, natch! 

If you have kids, you well know what a fidget spinner is.  How about this fun “Glamspin” gloss spinner by Taste Beauty?  Three different flavor glosses in one functioning spinner.

images via mybeautyfaves, sephora, selfriges

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