Build a Timeless Fall Wardrobe – Now.

To me, fall is the BEST time to re-evaluate one’s closet.  The ability to purge items makes it easier to rationalize buying new, on-trend (without being trendy) pieces.

This is an important point – never confuse trendy with being on-trend.  When done right, choosing “investment pieces” that can be layered and moved from one season to the next, will pay big dividends.  Case in point: a lovely suede moto jacket like this one can transition from fall to winter to spring seamlessly.

How to start the ball rolling on your timeless wardrobe?  Here are some tips.

Avoid Trends.  Not to sound like a broken record, but again – be on trend without being trendy.  As a general guideline, prints should be avoided and not categorized as a timeless wardrobe piece as you will tire of them more quickly (as will your friends, family, and co-workers who are the ones who will see you most).

Neutrals Rule.  Investment pieces should be neutral to get the most bang for your buck.  Add color as needed via a fun scarf, shoe, or shell.


 Layer it up. The more, the better.  With unpredictable weather that sometimes presents itself during the autumn months, layering is a sophisticated and practical way to dress.


Go Black or Go Home.  You just can’t go wrong.  It’s all the the things: slimming, chic, sophisticated, and easy to mix and match.

With your newly purged closet ready for new pieces, don’t forget to let us help you organize that closet.  Shop for some great organization pieces! 



images via womensweardaily, pinterest

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