Trending Now: Glitter Masks

Glitter has long been a hot “accessory” for festival looks.  Used as makeup, it’s shimmery magic is undeniable.

Things got carried away earlier this year when a “glitter tongue” became en vogue, and to take it a step further…a glitter vagina.  Ahem.  Use your imagination on that one, I won’t be sharing images of that one.  But here’s a glitter tongue!  A fashion statement or a diet trick: you be the judge!

There are pros and cons to using glitter.  It looks sparkly and fun, but what’s NOT fun is the cleanup involved.  And with an ingredient list including plastics and other non-biodegradables, it is not typically environmentally friendly.  When ingestion is possible, look for non-toxic glitter, or even glitter used in cake decorating or other baking.

Let’s recap some of the more recent glitter trends, for him and for her.

The latest glitter trend is interesting as it is non-toxic and cleans up well.  A couple of cosmetic manufacturers are rolling out their version of a glitter mask.  Cult followers of Glam Glow should rejoice – they will be launching theirs this winter.  It’s a firming, nourishing PEEL-OFF mask.  It’s fun to wear, in the privacy of your own home.  However, I’m betting some will choose to creatively wear theirs outside the home.

Too Faced will also soon be launching a peel-off glitter mask, and we can be sure that it will be cruelty-free as all things Too Faced are.  This will be Too Faced’s first foray into official skincare.

images via popsugar, toofaced, elle


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