Haircut Trends

Looking to mix it up at your next hair stylist visit?  There are some cool cuts trending now.   The common denominator in all of these cuts?  A tousled, “messy hair don’t care” vibe.

A long bob, or “lob,” never seems to go out of style.  Mix it up by adding some long layers at the ends, and part in the center.

If you’ve got curls, a shaggy bob with some fringe is in.  This tousled look can be dressed up or down.

Long hair with long layers is another classic that is trending big time right now.   Chest length, with a wave at the bottom.  Tousling optional.

Do you think you can’t wear short hair?  Most people think this, and when they try it – they never go back.  A long pixie cut is a feminine foray into the world of shorter hair.

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