Eyeliner 101: How to Make Your Eyes POP!

Why do we use eye makeup?  It can be a grueling activity, for sure.  But when done right, the results can be stunning. 

Most eyeliner users would report that they use the makeup to create the illusion of larger, more accentuated eyes, to highlight their eye color, and to make their eyes “pop.”

How to best do this, beyond slapping on some liner and mascara?  Read on.


This trick is a great way to make your eyes look bigger and more awake. Take a white kohl liner and fill in the water line (the red liner just on the inside lining of your eye).  This will without a doubt enlarge the look of your eye – but many who have contacts or irritable eyes may not react well to this technique.

For slender eyes, draw your water line below your inner corner and drag to “real water line” – this is the red line of flesh that separates your face from You are creating a fake waterline, to make your eyes larger.  Then, tightline below the “new waterline” to finish off the look.


Wait – what the what is tightlining?  This method will make your eyes look bigger and brighter. Simply take a small definer brush and line the bottom eyelid to complete a look. This can be done with a pop of color or CREASE SHADES to tie the look together.  You may tightline both your upper and lower lids to create a dramatic look.


Crease shades or transitions shades are essentials building blocks for eyeshadow. They allow you to make a flawless eye without harsh lines. However, you can also use these shades to change the shape of your eyes.

For instance, when you blend out crease shade flawlessly you can elongate the eye shape.  This way you make your eye more of an almond shape which will have an overall larger look.

Image result for white higlighted brow bone


You can make your eyes look bigger between the eyelid and the brow bone. Simply take a settle light or white shade and line below the brow. This makes your look bigger by emphasizing the  raised surface of the brow bone where the light naturally hits.  This also creates a larger distance from the eyelid to the brow, making your eyes appear larger.



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