Ballpark Style – Hit It Out of the Park!

Take me out to the ballgame, indeed.  Going to visit your local major, minor, or little-league baseball team in action is one of the great American pastimes.  The game of baseball is so unique in comparison to other American sports, and spectating a game can be a great way to spend a summer’s day or evening.

Baseball is easy-going, slow, and leisurely.  Dressing accordingly, easy like Sunday morning.

This ain’t no basketball game.  Baseball games are nine innings (longer if the game is tied up).  It’s a long, leisurely sport…with intermittent bouts of action along the way.  You’re in it for the long haul…dress for comfort.

Depending on the season, it may be hot.  Dress accordingly with light fabrics and layers.

Here are some idea boards for your inspiration.  Play ball!

Similar to the games, the season itself is loonnnnggg.  It essentially covers 3-1/2 seasons.  It starts in April, which is some parts of the country, is cold in rainy.  It ends in October, which in some parts of the country is cold and rainy.  And in between, expect heat, rain, and humidity.

Here are a few early season and post-season outfit ideas.

The common denominator in all of these outfit ideas?  The baseball cap, natch!  If you are a cap collector, choose our Accessory Stax to save space and allow them to maintain their shape in your closet.  This closet helper can hold just about ANYTHING (purses, scarves, jewelry, belts, caps, etc).

images via pinterest, minnesotatwins, boottique

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