The Evolution of the Eyebrow

The evolution of the eyebrow in terms of makeup is fascinating.  Each decade seems to bring a new shape.  The problem here is that if you lived through a “thin” brow decade, you may have plucked or waxed your brows into extinction.  It’s fascinating to see how a woman’s brow has evolved over the decades, and how the shape reflects what the decade itself represents.


In the 1920’s and 1930’s, pencil-thin was in.  The thinner, the more glamourous…and this era was all about motion-picture glamour. Let’s hope and pray that THIS look has gone into extinction.  Yikes.

In the 1950’s the brow started to make a comeback.  It didn’t matter what the shape of the brow WAS, necessarily.  Just that there was a lot of brow.  And a lot of pencil.  I’m not sure how the ladies sporting 1930’s brow made a comeback, but I’m guessing the pencil became their best friend.

Audrey Hepburn paved the way for the pencil to gain more momentum in the 1960’s.  This heavy, “boy-brow” was IT. 

The 1970’s were all about peace, love, happiness…and a thinner, disco brow.  Preferably with a dusting of sparkly shadow.

The 1980’s were all about big hair, and big brows.  Cue the au natural, Brooke Shields brow.

Tired of the excesses of the 1980’s, everything became more streamlined and simple in the 1990’s – including the brow.  A little bit grungy, this edgy less-is-more brow looked great paired with a choker necklace and a flannel shirt.  Tweezers were in every girl’s makeup cache.

The aughts were a time of recovery for the brow following the tweezing mania that was the 1990’s.  The 2010’s symbolize a time of regrowth, and a strong brow.  Big and chunky, while being perfectly groomed and shaped at the same time.  
images via instyle, refinery 29, thegloss

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