The 411 on Setting Sprays

Setting spray is another tool to add to your makeup arsenal.  It is just what the name suggests – a spray to set your foundation and other makeup, helping it to last all day – some claiming to work up to 16 hours.  Many women feel that this is an integral part of the makeup regimen, and that using it saves time and money in the long run by eliminating constant touch-ups.  In the warm summer months, a setting spray can really go the extra mile, preventing your face from all but melting off!

Positive side effects of setting sprays include added hydration, skin plumping, and illumination. A setting spray can also provide shine-minimizing and pore-shrinking qualities. A spray can also be used as a primer UNDER foundation to provide a perfect canvas on which to apply your makeup.  Some sprays include SPF – a huge bonus if your moisturizer and foundation don’t have the sun protection that you absolutely need (I’m talking to you, twenty-somethings!)

Here are some highly rated sprays to try! Are there others that you have used with success?  Tell us about it – we would love to hear how other sprays perform!

Urban Decay All Nighter, $31

Bobbi Brown Face Mist, $35



Coola Makeup Setting Spray SPF 30, $36


images via sephora

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