Trending Now: Rose Gold Hair

Rose gold accents have been trending for awhile now.  Top of mind are the rose gold iphone…

…the rose gold jewelry popping up everywhere……and the delicious summer sipper Rose.

Perhaps the trend was born when Pantone declared their 2016 color of the year as Rose Quartz.


Lately we have been seeing rose gold hair color trending – and for good reason.  Colorists universally agree that this hue is flattering to most skin tones, and can be used on any color hair – blonde, brunette, black, red.  It can be used as subtle two-dimensional highlights, or as an all-over color.  See below for some inspo – and consider trying this fun trend this summer.  

images via pinterest, nordstrom, bazaar

2 thoughts on “Trending Now: Rose Gold Hair

  1. Love the color Rose Gold. I also love all the fashion trends that are using it. Watches, wine, iPhones and hair. And even these Tory flats.


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