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The host and hostess of a party should always be presented with a gift when opening his or her home to a group.  If there is one time I truly enjoy receiving a gift, it’s after I’ve toiled in the preparation of a gathering.   I mean, there’s the planning, the shopping, the cleaning, the food prep, and so much more.  The details are endless, and the struggle is very real!  Therefore, I personally kick myself when I grab a dusty bottle of wine from my cupboard on my way out to a party, or (shhh!!) I have been known to re-gift a semi-decent candle that was probably re-gifted to me in the first place.  It all comes full circle, right?  Flowers are always nice, but often the host has likely already planned for decorative flowers.

When I give a gift, I really want it to be from my heart, or at least with some serious thought to the recipient.  Plan ahead and stash some items away.  This is not to mean that you should buy in bulk some random one-size-fits-all gifts.  If you know that you are always invited to the same summer soiree each year, consider what that particular hostess would enjoy and pick it up well in advance.   Tailor your gifts with the host or hostess in mind.  Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

For someone who lives in a smaller space, this multi-tool gadget serves eight purposes and stores in a tiny space.   The set includes a funnel, a lemon juicer, a spice grater, an egg masher, a cheese grater, an egg separator, and a measuring cup.

All-in-one kitchen tool set, $40

Every lady loves a scarf – and here’s a fun one.  Lightweight and infinity – it’s a great addition to any summer outfit. 

The Leyla Infinity Scarf, $18

Monogrammed or bespoke gifts fit the “thoughtful” bill quite nicely.  Etsy is a great go-to for all things bespoke and unique, that won’t break the bank.  I always like to support the individual, hardworking vendors that are found on Etsy.

Personalized stationery set, $16

Another winner from Etsy is a monogrammed plate.  It can be used as a bedside table catch-all to store rings, a spot to stash keys, or a food serving piece.

Monogrammed Ring dish, $8

A utilitarian gift will always be appreciated.  I LOVE to gift high-end olive oil, as it’s a gift that will certainly get used, but not everyone springs for the good stuff for their everyday cooking.   Bonus points for a pretty bottle that can be displayed on the countertop.

Calivirgin Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, $28.95

I hate to stereotype, but this one almost always holds true: those who entertain often like their alcoholic beverages.  They sometimes even like to enjoy them outdoors, which make the GoVino line of stemware so attractive as they are shatterproof, reusable, and recyclable.   With the iconic thumb indentation and super-light weight, they are a delight to hold onto at a cocktail party.  The best part?  They now (finally!) come in dishwasher-safe materials!

Decanter & Wine Glass Set, $19.95

If you absolutely MUST go the route of a candle, chocolates, and/or a bottle of wine, at the very least, put some effort into your packaging and presentation.  Nestle the items into a pretty basket.


With gifts like these, you might just be invited back!

images via govino, williamsonoma, etsy, boottique

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