Chic European Street Style: Summer Edition

As we all likely know, European women have great style.  It can be defined as being chic, simple, and unfussy – while all the while being sophisticated.  I think it is fair to say that Europeans value quality and practicality over trendiness, and it shows on the street.  I so admire the fashion sensibility seen over the pond, which is equal parts subtle femininity and sexiness – subtle being the key word.

Due to unfussy diets and no processed foods, most European women have the slim silhouette to wear clothing beautifully.

Europeans don’t favor fussy heels or busy patterns.   Solid prints made from beautiful, natural fibers rule. 

The simpler the cut, the more elegant.  Accessories play the strong understudy to the outfit, with a pop of sass found in a belt, sunnies, or shoes.

The streets of Europe are…well, in a word, OLD.  This means that the smart European woman knows better than to wear stilettos while navigating said old streets.

Scarves have long played a role in the European woman’s outfit, as the ultimate accessory.

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