It’s June. It’s Wedding Season!

It’s June.  June means sandals, sunblock, white pants, and…WEDDINGS.

The tradition of holding a wedding in June dates back to Roman times.  Roman God Juno and his wife Jupiter, the goddess of marriage and childbirth, were married on the first of June. In Victorian times, the tradition is thought to have continued because flowers were readily available and they were necessary for two reasons: to decorate the wedding celebration venue, and almost more importantly to mask the scent of body odor.  I would’ve guessed that weather played a part as well.  At any rate, and for whatever reason, today we all still love a good June wedding.



August, July, May, and September are the next most popular months to hold a wedding, respectively: but a June wedding is tops.  Juno and Jupiter had NO idea what they were starting.  This is how we do it today…and it’s all about the details.

First, the dress.

Then, the bridesmaid dresses.


Then the groom and groomsmen attire…


…the venue…


…the cake…

 …the gift bag…

 …the table settings…

…and, of course, the party.

Lastly, the honeymoon.

With the advent of Pinterest to get a bride’s creative juices flowing, DIY weddings are more attainable than ever before.  There are so many cool, creative, romantic bridal ideas and themes on the internet. I *almost* wish I could do it all over again (with the same groom, natch!)

What do you think Juno, Jupiter, and all of those stinky Victorians think of all of this pomp and pageantry?

images via pinterest, theknot, westhillscountryclub


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