Fish Taco MANIA

Ubiquitous on many a summer restaurant menu is the Fish Taco.  Seafood and tacos independently are two of the tastiest things on the planet; combined they are heaven.  Fish tacos are actually quite easy to prepare, especially if the grill is utilized.

This first recipe is inspired by the Esther Island Tacos at Madaket Millie’s  in Nantucket, Mass.  The very best seafood tacos I’ve ever eaten, they combine some unusual ingredients and textures, and the end result is nothing short of a party in the mouth.  Millie’s uses scallops for their version, but shrimp cooks up just as nicely. Save some time by using pre-chopped, bagged cabbage, and bottled Baja sauce.  Pair with a margarita, and voila!  Or should we say, ahora!

shortcut shrimp tacos

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