Decorating with Books

I’ve always been wary of people who don’t own many books.  Full disclosure: if I visit someone’s home for the first time and I see no books around, I’m always a bit suspicious.  Do they read?  Why not? What’s their deal?!  Even today, with the advent of the Kindle and other hand-held e-book devices, I still feel that people need to physically hold a book every once in awhile.  And certainly, people should still own some books. And display them proudly and creatively!

I know I have heavily curated my book collection over the years.  They can multiply like rabbits, for sure.  However, there are some I will always hang onto, as I am definitely a “re-reader,” meaning that I do enjoy picking up a book I read years ago, knowing that it’s a sure thing and I will enjoy it again.  And, likely, I will learn something new the second (or third) time around.


So, if you’ve got books, you might as well display them in the prettiest way possible!  Stacked this way or that, piled high, jacket-less, color-coordinated, or even spine-out: anything goes.

Coffee tables books, if in good condition, look like works of art.  If you have a blank wall, install some inexpensive shallow shelves (the Ikea Lack shelf would fit the bill well) and display your books as though they are indeed art.

Piled together in groups, coffee table books find their home on…the coffee table, natch.  Scour second-hand book stores, Ebay, and the bargain racks at the bookstore for interesting covers on the cheap.

Choose a theme when styling coffee table books.

Antique books are readily available on ebay and at estate sales and secondhand shops.  They can add an aura of drama and wisdom to a more modern, clean vignette.

Books can be used to decorate any space.  Use fashion books as an accent in a walk in closet (there’s those Ikea shelves again!!)


Style your prettiest, most oft-used cookbooks on a kitchen counter.

 Channel your inner ROY G. BIV on your shelves.  Bibliophiles may take offense to treating books as art, and design enthusiasts insist upon it.  I am torn somewhere in between.  But, this is a cool look, no doubt. 

Used to prop up a centerpiece or candle, books can be a conversation starter at any gathering.


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