Deck Decor

If you live in a state that experiences the four seasons, you understand the innate, almost carnal desire to spend every moment outdoors soaking in the sunshine and summer nights.

Here are a few things to consider to help you style whatever type of outdoor space you may have, be that a deck, patio, terrace, front stoop, pool deck, or porch.

TEXTILES.  Just as they do indoors, adding a rug and some throw pillows can warm up almost any space, and make it feel complete.  Ensuring that the rug is indoor-outdoor and the pillows are made of a rain resistant Sunbrella-like fabric, you can stretch you dollar pretty far while creating a dramatic result.  Switch out your pillows according to season.

LIGHT.  Thinking beyond the string lights that are coming somewhat ubiquitous both in public and private outdoor venues, consider old-fashioned lamps to cast a warm glow on your outdoor evenings.  Landscape lighting casts such a natural, cozy light as well.


SHELTER. June, in particular, can be a really unpredictable month in terms of weather.  Storms have been known to roll in pretty quick.  Then you get into the dog days of summer, and you need SHADE and protection from the sun.  Outdoor curtains can add a sophisticated element to your evenings alfresco, and provide some privacy during the daytime.

POINTS OF INTEREST.  Thinking beyond plants and flowers, an outdoor space can also be decorated with objects and artistic elements.  These hanging spheres add dimension to this space.

LANDSCAPE.  Looking beyond the annual flowers, creating a palette of various potted plants and “plantscaping” in groups can create a really stunning effect.  Often, plants require less water and maintenance that florals, which is good if you don’t have a strong watering game!

SMALL SPACES.  Urban dwellers, we haven’t forgotten about you.  Often city slickers tend to utilize city parks and other outdoor areas to get their nature fix.  But, if you do happen to be blessed with a terrace or small outdoor space, be smart when designing your layout.  Here’s some inspiration.

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