Graduating From The Ubiquitous & Ridiculous Flip-Flop

I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of over the whole flip-flop thing.  Sure, they’re easy, casual, inexpensive and all of those things.  But they’re also just…blehhh.  Noisy, unattractive, unflattering, and really, can they really even be considered a shoe?  I feel like I am about twelve when I wear them.  I think I’ve outgrown them.

Thankfully, there ARE alternatives!  There are so many great summer sandals.  Here are a few.  Are you ready to be a grown-up with me?  C’mon, it’ll be fun!  Here’s some inspo.

A.S. 98 Niall Wedge, $275

Bed Stu Seneca Gladiator, $135

Sarah Gladiator Sandal, $45

Classic Wedge Sandal, $49

Embroidered Platform Smoking Slipper, $75

images via free people, nordstrom, landsend, solesociety

4 thoughts on “Graduating From The Ubiquitous & Ridiculous Flip-Flop

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    1. I like that term about my Millers, “more grown up” I know there are lots of women who go crazy over these sandals and I guess there’s at least one guy, haha
      Glad you like the polish, if I’m going to wear sandals that scream I guess I should also have matching toes. 🙂


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