Trending Now: Rainbow Roots Hair Color

Hidden Rainbow Roots have been making their way across the internet for over a year, now.  The idea is that the artfully placed rainbow tresses peek out to the world underneath one’s “regular” haircolor, as a dark root might do on a “blonde.”   Its a take on today’s mullet: all business in the front, and a party in the back.  Thick hair is a must for this style.

It’s harder than it looks:  keeping the dye colors from bleeding onto one another during the process is an art and should not be attempted by the novice hair-colorist! The process in a snapshot:


As with any trend, there are some hybrid-like variations on the original.  Here’s more of a free-style, tye-dyed rainbow root look…

…some rainbow roots which are NOT hidden…

…just flat-out rainbow hair….

…and guys who are getting on the rainbow train, as well.


images via marieclare, instagram, pinterest

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