ZARA Home Stores – Come to US!

Zara fashion has long been recognized as being on-trend, at a great price point.  The Spanish retailer launched throughout Europe in the 1970’s, and they took their sweet time coming across the pond in 1989.  Since then, they have grown into a giant retailer, famous for knocking off couture designs by Gucci, Prada, and others.  Zara is notorious for turning around a design in a week or so, and they produce an astounding 12,000 designs annually.


As the brand gained popularity, it was a natural next-step to evolve the brand into home decor.  And, in 2003, they opened their first brick and mortar home store.

Again, there is an astronomical number of various designs and categories.  Beyond furniture and accessories, there are linens, home fragrances, rugs, pillows (or cushions, as they are called abroad), loungewear, wallpaper, swimwear, picnic accessories, mirrors, baskets, and an entire kids line.

Today, there are an astounding 488 Zara Home stores around the globe, but none in the US.  And until recently, there was no Zara Home US website.  Thankfully, today, we can order away.  We anxiously await the day that Zara Home crosses the pond!



images via zara, zarahome

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