Clean Beauty: What’s in YOUR Makeup?

It’s important not only to understand what we put into our bodies in terms of the food we eat, but also what we put ON our bodies.  We’ve all heard of clean eating, now let’s translate that to clean beauty.  It’s a bit alarming to know that the FDA does NOT put many restrictions on beauty products.  Odd, because we can’t buy any chemical-laden drug without it undergoing years of grueling testing.  The same goes for most food products.

Here’s a startling statistic to get you thinking: the EU has banned or put restrictions on some 1300 harsh ingredients; the US has only banned or restricted 11.  For example, take lead acetate.  This is a color additive found in shampoos and conditioners, and  an ingredient which has been proven to cause infertility.  Another ingredient, formaldehyde, is found in hair straighteners, and is a well-recognized carcinogen.

Many, many mass-market lotions, shampoos, and cosmetics contain harmful synthetic toxins.  The list of toxins tops 1,000, and include but are not limited to petrochemicals, parabens, silicons, phthalates and many other ingredients that we can’t even pronounce.  We need to pay closer attention!

Clean beauty goes beyond organic ingredients, and although it could be argued that products NEED the harsh chemicals to be effective, it can also be argued that by using all natural products, one’s glow can come from within.

Credo Beauty is a clean Sephora, where you can find natural products from many manufacturers.   Every product they sell is 100% all natural.  In addition, they tout their products to be sustainably and responsibly sourced, as well as recyclable.

Bite Beauty uses food-grade ingredients when creating their cosmetics, with an emphasis on lips. Bite feels that lip care is often overlooked.  For example, their agave lip balm contains rare vanilla CO2 extract, brown sugar, agave nectar, and French lanolin.   To be used as a part of a three-part lip regimen (other steps include their lip scrub and lip mask).  All products are hand-made in their Canadian labs, and there are several brick-and-mortar lip labs where customers can blend their own lip color, tailored to their desired hues and ingredients.

Want to learn more?  Cosmetics Info offers a wealth of valuable information to help you make smart choices at the makeup counter or hair salon.  In addition, click here to sign a petition calling for an increase in the FDA’s regulation of cosmetics.

images via bitebeauty, credobeauty

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