Athleisure Collabs

The athleisure train does not seem to be stopping anytime soon.  It’s long been de rigueur for celebs to collab with fashion labels, and these days the celebs seem to be drawn to athleisure over traditional fashion.   Kate Hudson’s Fabletics and Carrie Underwood’s Calia have both been around for a few years, and more celebs are following suit with their very own athleisure lines.  This is great news for gym rats and yoga aficionados, as it can sometimes be too time consuming to fit in a workout AND plan an outfit to follow the workout.  Gym hair, don’t care, indeed.




Hilary Swank created her luxe Mission Statement line in 2016, citing the need to “merge the boundary between high-performance and high-fashion.” Swank prefers the term “aesthetic fashion” over athleisure, as the brand is more transitional and truly can be worn out in public (no see-through yoga pants for Hilary).  She designed workout clothes that don’t *look* like workout clothes, and look chic on the street.  For example, the va-va voom pant is designed for dancing or cycling in the gym, but will easily transition to the office or dinner. Tennis being Swank’s go-to activity, expect to see some darling tennis outfits.






Beyonce’s IVY PARK athleisure line defines smart, sassy street-style.  Oversized silhouettes allow for layering, at pieces fall in a moderate price point.  Like all things Beyonce, the designs are bold and graphic.







Julianne Hough’s collab with MPG features some great styles for both men and women.  The Julianne Hough Collection pieces are fairly classic and utilitarian, and most pieces are under $100.






It’s SO refreshing to hear celebrities admit that they do in fact work out and work out HARD to achieve their movie-star physiques.  Gag-worthy are the stars who claim to eat what they want and never work out.

images via glamour, missionstatement, nordstrom, mpg, bravo

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