The 10 Step Korean Makeup Regimen

Korean beauty products have SLOOWWLLY been making their way westward in recent years, and we should all seriously rejoice.  Korean women are light-years ahead of us in terms of beauty products and skin care regimes.  Korean women take their skin care regimen extremely seriously – there are many lotions, potions, creams, and various serums that are participants in a ten-step program.


Devotees report dewy, fresh, pore-less skin so glowing and youthful, it needs little makeup to complement it.  The ideology of Korean beauty is that a youthful appearance results from taking care of the skin, and too much adornment via cosmetics can backfire and cause women to look older.


K-beauty, as it’s referred to in the biz, is slowly making its way to the US…you just need to know where to look.  Check out the awesome selection and SokoGlam, Peach & Lily,  both of which are great places to research K-beauty. Both Amazon and YesStyle often have some name-brand products at discounted prices.


Korean girls are taught to care for their skin at a young age.  Don’t expect these products to be natural or paraben-free, in fact, most have a lengthy list of synthetic ingredients.  One natural product that you WILL see a lot of is snail…the slime that is excreted from a snail’s body is jam-packed with nutrients.



Hmmm.  Maybe don’t attempt that at home.  Here’s a snapshot of the typical nightly 10 step Korean Skincare Regimen, plus links to some tried-and-true products.


  1. Eye Makeup Remover.  A cleansing tissue used very gingerly is preferred.
  2. Cleanser. Using a cleansing oil, massage your face using  your fingers in a gentle, circular motion.  Massaging the skin reduces puffiness.  Follow with a cream cleanser.
  3. Exfoliater. Korean women subscribe to the “less is more” theory on this one, so only exfoliate twice a month.
  4. Refresher.  Koreans religiously use a mild refresher, or toner, as it’s commonly known as in the western world.
  5. Essence.  This step may be the big one, where the true nourishment of the skin takes place.
  6. Ampoule.  Similar to a serum, the ampoule will attack fine lines and dark spots.  Unlike a serum, ampoules contain a very high concentration of active ingredient.  So, use with caution.
  7. Sheet Mask.  Like the exfoliant, this is not a nightly affair.  Apply twice weekly.
  8. Eye Cream. Tap it in using your ring or pinky finger to protect the delicate skin.
  9. Moisturizer.  You’re almost there!
  10. Night Cream.  While it may seem redundant, this final step will lock in moisture and allow your face to drink it all in while you sleep.

PHEW!  What do you think?  Have you tried Korean Ten Step Regime?  We’d love to hear your stories.

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