Trending Now: SJP Handbag Line

Carrie Bradshaw would be proud.  America’s sweetheart (who never seems to age or put on weight or have a bad hair day) Sarah Jessica Parker is launching a handbag line via her brand SJP Collection.

The Seven Essentials is the name of the collection, and fittingly so: there are seven days of the week, and there’s a handbag for every occasion that may fall on each of those days.   Whether you have a business meeting, lunch with a girlfriend, date night, a charity gala…there’s an essential bag for you.

They are currently available for pre sale at Bloomingdales, and will launch elsewhere this spring.  They retail between $395-$695, and are made in the USA!  I adore the ball detailing on each of the bags.

sjp-handbags-2017-2 sjp-handbags-2017-61 sjp-handbags-2017-1 sjp-handbags-2017-5 sjp-handbags-2017-4 sjp-collection-2017-3 sjp-handbags-2017

images via bloomingdales, footwearnews

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