Trending Now: Peach Dyed Hair

It’s not quite red, and not quite pink…it’s peach, people!


Also Known As Peach Emoji, the hair color is named for…the Apple Peach Emoji.  As you may know, the Peach Emoji has a cult following as it resembles a juicy, round derriere.  With a 2016 update, the Peach Emoji was replaced by another emoji which resembled…a peach.  After worldwide protest, Apple brought back the original peach butt in November 2016…and the rest is history.



But I digress.  Made popular last spring by Kylie Jenner, who donned a peachy-orangey wig to the Coachella Music Festival, different species of peach-hued hair is definitely a thing.





images via pinterest, popsugar, cosmopolitan

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