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Customizable, modular shoes are gaining momentum.  There have been some fails and flops in the last few years, and a few that have stayed the course.  The concept is this: one sole can be customized by switching out the upper “skin,” or by adding various straps, embellishments or adornments.  The benefit of a modular shoe is that it reduces waste, cost, space.

ACBC by Shooz might be the ideal travel shoe.


The ACBC concept is kinda brilliant: three different soles (The Drive, The Urban, The Running) can be zipped on to four different skins, all available in a variety of colors.   This will free up lots of space in your suitcase, as only a couple of lightweight pieces are needed.  Available in European sizes, they are technically unisex…but it’s obvious that they skew to the male set.


For the ladies, there’s Alterre, a dressier shoe for all occasions.


An Alterre Starter Kit runs about $220.  The soles are padded and evidently quite comfortable.  They can be adorned with various straps, giving you a bit of bang for your buck.  Additional straps in various colors can be purchased as well.



What are the mechanics of these shoes, you ask?  This diagram should answer your questions.

How-to Back_Box Inserts_AlterreRW15_8.18.15

The gravy?  5% of each Alterre purchase goes to the Restore NYC charity, which combats sex trafficking.


Slipper lovers, rejoice.  Mahabis calls their footwear “Slippers Reinvented,” as they are not meant to be worn “solely” indoors (see what I did there?)


These Scandinavian, unisex shoes can be customized with different soles, the idea being that one sole is for indoor use, and another for outdoor.


Influenced by the Danish Hygge lifestyle phenomenon, the simplicity of the Mahabis invites comfort and chill.


images via shooz, alterre,mahabis


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