Souping 101

Soup lovers, rejoice and rev up your immersion blenders.  This continuing wellness fad of “souping” will make you happy (and satisfied!)




Remember juicing?  No fruit or vegetable was off-limits, and would be quickly pulverized into liquid bliss in any combination of sweet, sour, or savory.  Juicing, while no doubt a healthy thing, has its side effects. Juicers complain of headaches, fatigue, dehydration, paleness, and digestion issues.




Souping is not about deprivation or dieting.  It is not about stripping your body of food and suffering through an extended period of hunger.  It is more about adding wellness to your body through fat-soluble nutrition and plant-based real foods.  Using bone broth as the stock for your soups will reap even more benefits, including  reduced inflammation, improved digestion, joint repair, and more.  Souping is about nourishing your body, the right way.




To learn more about souping or a soup cleanse, check out Nicole Centeno’s Soup Cleanse Cookbook.  Centeno promises following her cleanse will “boost metabolism, refresh immunity, detoxify the organs, and shed unwanted weight.”




You might recognize Centano as being the founder of Splendid Spoon, a soup delivery service.  A healthful weekly soup menu can be tailored to meet your intentions of either cleansing or meal-replacing, and delivered to your doorstep.  Other souping delivery services have popped up around the country, including Soupure and Skinny Souping.




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