Five Habits of Highly Organized People

What does being organized mean to you?  Perhaps it is the feeling of being streamlined.  Being able to relax in your clean, clutterless home.  We can all agree that being organized can help us feel calmer and more in control of our life.  Here are some things to remember to be your best organizational self.

1. Automate Yourself Electronically

This means that you should be signed up for auto-pay for all of your bills.  Make sure your email settings are set up to deflect spammy and unwanted emails.  Create organized and up-to-day email folders to house what you need, and discard what you don’t.  Also attempt to schedule recurring appointments in advance – it’s stressful to try to get in with your hair stylist at the eleventh hour.



2. Your Closet CAN and SHOULD Be Your Friend

Treat your closet and its contents with the respect it deserves.  After all, you’ve made a large investment in your clothing, shoes, and accessories.  A sum you may wince to even estimate.  Here’s where Boottique can help.  Check out some of our closet solutions to get your investments properly stored and protected.  You know how much easier mornings go when you are greeted with a well-curated, tidy closet.




3. Rid Yourself of What You Don’t Use

Clutter can really drag us down.  It’s been estimated that Americans spend 10 minutes on average daily looking for misplaced items.  Often, these necessary items such as car keys, cell phones, and wallets are lost amidst clutter, mail, and other STUFF.  And lose the “Just in Case” philosophy, that you should hold on to those hiking boots from college, in the unlikely event that you will go hiking in the Andes someday.





4. Set Daily Routines

Just five minutes spent each morning and evening picking up your space will pay great dividends.  Enlist the help of family members to do the same, and make it a daily routine.  Clutter has no chance of piling up, if you keep up with it.  Mail won’t get lost, homework won’t be forgotten, and you will feel an overall sense of control if you commit to these ten daily little minutes.

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5. Plan for Tomorrow

This is not metaphoric: literally, plan for the day after today.  Consult your calendar the day prior, and consider what you will need to do to prepare for the day.  This may include planning an outfit, completing paperwork, or making phone calls.  There is nothing worse than spacing a meeting or appointment due to sheer un-organization, or being unable to make a child’s lunch as you have no provisions.


Now, go get ’em and get organized!


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