Drugstore Makeup Dupes

High-end makeup is fantastic.  It feels decadent.  The packaging is luxe and beautiful.  It even smells rich.  Fancy makeup sure knows how to make a girl feel special.  A trip to Sephora or the makeup counter at Barney’s can be euphoric to many of us. Sigh….


But, it is also a financial commitment.  And if your splurge turns out to not be quite what you what you were looking for, you have squandered dollars on something you don’t feel great about.  Makeup, like everything fashion related, should be a high-low.  Spend what you can on the products you love, but for the more experimental or non-essential items, trying the drugstore version might be wise.


Maybelline’s Baby Skin Instant Pore Erasers has been closely compared to Tom Ford’s Illuminating Primer.  With the drugstore version costing $5 and the “designer” edition priced at $74 (!!), it’s well worth the trip to Walgreen’s.



Facial contouring is a more advanced makeup technique, and takes a bit of practice for the contouring novice.  A way to dip your toe into the contouring waters is with Physician’s Formula Bronze Booster Contour and Strobe Palette for $11.99.   Lorac’s similar Pro Contour Palette is $46.



What is lip oil, you ask?  The formula incorporates natural oils to hydrate and soothe chapped lips, usually with a subtle tint.  The idea of oily lips may turn some off (including myself!), and others may be intrigued by quest to cure chapped lips once and for all.  In the event that you don’t want to spend $26 on Clarins Light Comfort Lip Oil to find out if lip oil is your friend or foe,  try Burt’s Bee’s $9 version.



images via harpersbazaar, macys, nordstrom


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