Travel Uniform

It’s not always easy to look chic while traveling.  What constants do you see in the following travel outfits?  Scarf? Check.  The scarf can be used in a pinch as a blanket or a pillow…just in case Rosie Huntington Whitely isn’t flying First Class (yeah, right)!


Sunnies are a must, to mask jet-lagged tired peepers.


Flats or sneakers are smart to wear; in the event you need to jog through the terminal, it’s best not to do so in heels.  Be sure to pack a pair of socks during TSA screening to avoid going barefoot on that bacteria-and-whatever-else floor.


A dark, monochromatic color scheme is a good idea while traveling.  Black forgives stains and wrinkles well, and you can recycle the outfit later on your journey.



images via popsugar, bazaar, pinterest

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