Kitchen Trends

Kitchen trends are like fashion in that the trends are always changing and evolving.  Buyer beware: kitchen trends are also extremely fickle, perhaps more so than in any other room of the house. What looked fresh and amazing five years ago can suddenly look tired and dated, which is frustrating to homeowners who spent a small fortune on a remodel.  Approach a kitchen remodel with care, and go with what you like – not what you are told to like.

Gray Cabinets are in.  White is still the most popular choice for kitchen cabinets, but that pesky gray color keeps reappearing in almost every aspect of home decor.  This time, it’s all about gray kitchen cabinetry.



Tuxedo Color Scheme.  What does this mean?  Black and white, of course!  Or any two complementary colors, like navy and gray, or green and cream.



Alternative wall materials.  Ditch the drywall in favor of unique wall coverings.  Shiplap wall paneling continues to be a hot trend, as does a luxe paneled ceiling.  The small details can create big drama.



Crisp, monochromatic countertops are a welcome respite from the busy granite patterns which have been so ubiquitous the last 25 years.  I know I am ready to ditch my dated, speckled granite; no matter how well it wears and hides a mess!



 images via decorpad, ellehome, houzz

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