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Curating your Pandora playlists is a challenge well worth it.  Tweaking your preferences can be tedious, but reaps great rewards when you’ve mastered it.  Music is such a deeply personal, individualized being.  What is music to one person’s ears, can be sheer noise to another’s.o-angry-woman-covering-ears-facebook.jpg


When entertaining, it’s crucial to have the right music to act as the soundtrack to your party.  The right tunes will set the stage and mood from the first moment a guest walks through the door.  Curating a playlist manually, mix-tape style can be too time consuming.  Here are a few Pandora stations to consider for your next soiree.

If you plan to serve carefully curated cocktails and gourmet small bites, consider playing Hipster Cocktail Party, where you may hear The Lumineers,  Chris Stapleton, and Amy Winehouse.  This is a safe, conservative bet for nice, soothing background music.  maar_vintage_spirits_guests_grid_484


Yacht Rock was coined by Sirius XM radio to describe their cult-favorite seasonal channel of 2016, which plays cheesy light rock…you know, the kind you might have heard while yachting in 1978 with feathered hair and rose colored glasses.  Here you  will hear songs you have no idea how you know every word to, by artists like Hall &  Oates, Kenny Loggins, and Orleans.  This soundtrack will ensure a fun party, filled with laughs.



Hip Hop Party features Fetty Wap, Drake, and B.o.B.   Geared toward younger, liberal audiences, who have minimal regard for explicit content.  A good choice if you want the music to be a prime element to your party.  Dancing will certainly ensue.

Be sure to demo the stations you choose prior to your party.  Good luck!



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