To Do This Weekend: Closet Makeover

If you have some free hours this weekend, devote it to a little home organization.  Whether or not you included organization in your New Year’s Resolutions for 2017, there is no question that feeling prepared and organized in your everyday life can sure alleviate unnecessary stress.  Getting your closet in order is a great place to start.

Organizing pros suggest removing everything from your closet.  EVERYTHING.  Pick up each piece, one by one, and give it a cold, hard assessment.  Have you worn it in the last 12 months?  If not, donate it.  Is it stained or ripped?  Toss it.   Is it still in style?  Does it fit properly?  Is it something that you would buy again if you saw it in the shop today?  If the answers are no, then it must go.

Finally, when you have determined which pieces will make it back into the closet, the fun can begin.  Utilizing a few of Boottique’s products, you can create space in your once-crowded closet.  Our Stax collection is a workhorse in the closet, and can be used to hang boots and purses in a snap.



Add a rod to double your space with our Closet Doubler, or utilize our Closet Cascader to hang clothes vertically.



Our Curly Hanger can be used to corral scarves, ties, jewelry, slinky tops and camisoles, belts, life jackets, and pretty much anything else you can think of.


Let your closet be the first stop on your organizing journey. Make it a point in 2017 to embrace a clutter-free, simple outlook on living and organizing – a great way to think, and an inspiring way to look into the new year.

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