New Year’s Traditions Around the Globe

To welcome a New Year is a pensive, introspective time for many around the globe.  And, of course, a time of food, family, and great celebration.  Many cultures enjoy unique traditions to commemorate the occasion.

When the clock strikes midnight in Spain, revelers quickly eat 12 grapes, which promise good luck in the twelve months to follow.

D5J9XB Happy New Year - champagne, grapes and party decoration

Columbians carry an empty suitcase around town on New Year’s Eve, in hopes for a year filled with adventures and travels.



As Americans may or may not be aware, it is a New Year’s tradition here to enjoy a steamy bowl of Hoppin’ John (also known as black eyed peas). “Eat peas on New Year’s Day to have plenty of everything the rest of the year.”



Greeks imbibe in a slice of St. Basil’s Cake, also known as Vasilopita or Politiki.  There is a “lucky” coin or trinket baked into each cake, which gives good fortune to the lucky recipient.


Wishing you and yours a 2017 filled with health and happiness.




images via travelandleisure, greekreporter, pinterest

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