Cold-Weather Couture

Form and function don’t always marry well when it comes to cold weather outerwear.  Boottique is headquartered in Minnesota, so when I’m talking about cold weather, I’m talking polar vortex, sub-zero, tundra-like cold weather.   I’m talking about cold that only Midwesterners and Northeasters can relate to. It can be hard to stay warm AND look fashionable at the same time.  Let’s explore some solutions, from the top down!

Earmuffs CAN look cute.  I promise.  Take the Kate Spade Earmuffs with Satin Bow as an example.


The Bogner Fire and Ice Dalia-D  jacket is water repellent and uber-warm.  The herringbone stitching is flattering for any shape.


Adding an extra layer under your winter coat will keep you extra warm.  Consider this Dylan Shearling Vest.


If you are drop dead serious about keeping your hands warm, here are the mitts for you from Hestra.  They feature battery-operated heating coils with three levels of heat.  With a $400 price tag, you had better not lose one!


I’m getting all warm and fuzzy just thinking about these suede Sartore Shearling Over the Knee Boots, lined with lamb’s wool and shearling.


Stay warm, and stay pretty!

images via sunandski, zappos, barneyswarehouse

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