Fashion Throwdown: Michelle vs. Melania

In one corner: Michelle Obama.


In the other corner:  Melania Trump.

Both women arguably vie for the status of the most glamorous and fashion-forward FLOTUSes in modern history.  Both are incredibly physically fit and wear their clothing well, giving designers a blank canvas for which to create designs.  How do their styles differ, and how are they similar?

Michelle tends to veer towards elegant fabrics and bold prints in her formalwear.

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Melania  favors solids in vibrant colors.


Michelle is a pro at dressing down in an effortlessly chic fashion.


Melania can dress it down, too.  She knows how to showcase her assets.  She looks especially striking in white, holding true to her pattern-less look.


Michelle’s inaugural gowns were both elegant and patriotic.  We shall wait with bated breath to see what Melania chooses for the January 20th affair!


 images via womensworld, elle, .mic, dailymail


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