Gift Guide #4: Kid Stuff

Do you have little ones to gift this holiday season?  Wanting to step out of the Legos and Disney box and come up with something more original?  Here are a few ideas in the final installment of our 4 Part Gift Guide.

Badminton, anyone?  No!  Goodminton!  This racquet set is a great way to introduce little ones ages 8 and up to racquet sports; the birdie moves slowly, allowing for more time to prepare for the hit.  $26.


Leave it to Magnolia to come up with an educational gift for kids that is also charmingly cute to look at.  The Magnolia Bug Hotel ($20) will get the kiddos outside, and hopefully keep the bugs out there as well!  Perfect for ages 5-10.




Ages 8 and up will LOVE this magic set from Thames & Kosmos.  There is a 96-page full color guide visually detailing how to execute each trick.  _13262748

These Bumper Balls will get the kids (and their parents!) outside and LAUGHING as they bump and tumble into one another.   These heavy-duty inflatables were originally created to help troubled children express their physical emotions in an appropriate way.  Toy distributors found an opportunity for fun…and fun they are!  $100/2.  Ages 6 and up.



images from magnolia, nordstrom, fatbraintoys, creativekidstuff


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