Go Faux or Go Home

With hunting season in full swing, it’s timely to have this discussion.  As America experiences this mini-era of heated political angst and controversy, why not add another hot-button topic to the mix?  Do you fur, or do you faux?  Do you care, or do you passionately and fiercely support the anti-fur movement?

In the 1980’s, the anti-fur movement reached a fever pitch.  PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) became the main voice of the opinion that use of real fur in fashion is unnecessary and superfluous.  That said, fur has always been a player on the fashion landscape, since, well, the beginning of time.



In today’s age, fur and faux alike work double time, being both stunningly stylish and wonderfully warm at the same time.   With faux in particular, there are some beautiful designs, and the price tag is of course lower than than fur.


 Grey Hombre Faux Fur Coat, Little Mistress 


Mongolian Faux Fur Coat, Missguided


Faux Fur Slides, Zara


Paulette Faux Fur Boots, Aquatalia


Luxe Faux Fur Baby Jackets, Restoration Hardware


Faux Fur Trim Walker Coat, Jones New York

images via zara, macys, restorationhardware, missguided, little mistress, pinterest, neiman marcus


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