Get Shopping! Some Gift Ideas from Boottique

While we are not quite into the “Last Minute Holiday Shopping” zone yet, it’s certainly nearing.  We have so many great gifts for most anyone on your list.  And each day through December 16, we are running a new special for our Twelve Days of Holidays promotion.  Here are a few ideas to get you started.

For Him:

The Travel Hanger is perfect for a man on the go. The Travel Hanger enables him to hang garments in his car, gym locker, hotel room, or office.


For Her:

The Boot Hanger™ is specifically designed to hang boots in the safest and most space-efficient manner, ensuring your valuable investment is securely protected. Patented design saves space by allowing boots to hang staggered, cradling heel to arch, which doubles the room for storage. The hanger clips are lined with a special silicone insert that will not damage, deteriorate, or leave permanent impressions on boots. The clip tension is strong enough to hold the heaviest of boots, yet gentle enough to avoid leaving marks on the softest of suede.


For the Mom-to-Be:

Belly Up! Bands™ allow her wardrobe options to grow with you throughout various stages of pregnancy while fitting into maternity clothing. Strong clips and stretchy elastic enable regular pants to be worn longer during pregnancy by comfortably widening the waistband. Meant to be used in conjunction with longer tops to cover the waistband extender and top of pants.


For the Boot Addict:

Boottique’s Boot Stax   maximizes storage space by cascading boots over one another to safely store and organize each pair. Boots stay in their upright position, preventing creasing and damage from improper storage, while the vertical rod saves precious closet space. Works perfectly for long, short, and ankle boots.


For the Teenager/Young Adult:

Our Boot Wallet may soon be rebranded as the Anywhere Wallet, as it truly can be attached to most any part of one’s person!  Perfect for carrying all of the essentials without the hassle of using a purse or worrying about a clutch. Adjustable elastic band wraps comfortably around your leg and stows away discreetly inside boots. Wallet detaches from elastic band for convenient use, but stows securely when not needed.

Great for concerts, evenings out, sporting events, tailgating, hiking, and other outdoor activities. The perfect college companion for trekking across campus from class to class.


Stocking Stuffers:

Boot Snugs clip on each side of the pant leg, snugly under foot, to ensure jeans and pants stay securely inside boots all day. This is the secret to smooth pant legs–never face uncomfortable and unsightly bunching at the knees again!  Available in regular (3 inch) and long (5 inch) length to accommodate various pant lengths and styles.

These wool blend Nordic Alpine Snugs leg warmers are the ultimate in cozy comfort, perfect for lounging around the house or making a fashion statement with leggings and boots.


Get shopping, and be sure to check our website each day for a new 12 Days of Holidays promotion.


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