Estate Jewelry

When we think of estate jewelry, I used to think of my grandmother’s jewelry.  Which is a fond memory to remember her pretty hands adorned by a white gold pearl ring.

It’s great to consider the history of a piece, and imagine where the jewel has been.  Etsy is a GREAT resource for estate jewelry.  Why not make a small investment in something that no one else will be wearing?


This Vintage Sterling Silver Buckle Bracelet is a classic Victorian Revival style, with a slide mechanism.  Fascinating…for $135.

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Brooch.  It’s a word hardly heard anymore, and a piece of jewelry rarely worn.  But why not?  Brooches, styled appropriately, can be so beautiful…like this Vintage Rhinestone Orchid Brooch, $20.



How 70’s is this necklace? The Estee Lauder 1974 Locket, $19.99, is filled with solid perfume.  I swear my mother had something like this.



This vintage cocktail ring makes quite a statement, without being too overwhelming.  Sterling Silver Citrine and Pave Ring, $289. 



Just for fun, let’s look at this $13,000 Antique Diamond Platinum Wedding Ring from the late 1800’s.  Measuring one inch long and totalling two carats, I personally can’t imagine wearing this ring on a daily basis.  Washing dishes or pulling weeds would prove to be cumbersome tasks.  Surely, this was owned by a true lady of leisure!


images via etsy

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