Kiel Patrick James

Do you know this KJP guy?!?  Kiel James Patrick and his perfectly poised, pretty but not overdone wife, Sarah Vickers, have cornered the prepster social media market in documenting their idyllic New England lifestyle.



A preppy explosion on the internet, to be sure, filled with pearls and labradors and popped collars and LL Bean and slickers and boat shoes and boats and cable knit sweaters and adirondack chairs and flannels and good hair and straight teeth and lobstahs.

KJP and his wife, Sarah Vickers, have mastered Instagram and are influencers extraordinaire.  The romantic imagery of their staged but effortless-seeming photography draws you in, and fifty-seven Jeep Wagoneer-with-perfectly-posed-labrador shots later, you are hooked.  You will never get those ten minutes of your life back, and you don’t care…you want to see more.


In addition to photographing their modern-day Kennedy-esque perfectness each day, they also run Kiel James Patrick.  KJP sells rope bracelets, Atlantic pearl jewelry, madras, purses, belts, and more, all made in the USA.






images via kieljamespatrick

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