How To Style Booties

What do booties, shooties, ankle boots, moto boots, and Chelsea boots have in common?  Two things: 1. They are hot again this fall and winter.  2. They can be difficult to style appropriately.


When styling with denim, there is ONE RULE.  Do NOT tuck your jeans into your boots.  DO NOT.


A teeny tiny peek of skin should ALWAYS be visible, as should the top of the boot.  ALWAYS.  If the jeans are not cropped, roll them.


Short boots are not just for denim.  The Chelsea boot looks great on a monochromatic scheme such as this one.



The femininity of a miniskirt can get edgy with moto boots and a bomber jacket.


Get your autumn on with a look like this.  Sure, the temps might get a bit cold for exposed skin in some parts of the country.  But so be it…the things we must do in the name of fashion, right?


images via glamour, stylecaster, babble

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