To Do This Weekend: Declutter Your Shoe Collection

With the changing of seasons, it’s human instinct for many people to crave change and order.  A great way to feed your craving and restore sanity to your life is to clean out your closet.   Tackling your entire closet can be daunting for even the most devout organizer; try tackling a “category” each weekend and you will be in good shape within a month.

Where to start, you ask?  With your SHOES!  Here’s how.

Get out two large bins.  Designate one for donations, and one for resale, if you are so inclined to work for a return on your clothing investment.


Pull out ALL of your summer shoes, and if you didn’t wear them over the summer, THEY MUST GO.  If they gave you blisters or extreme discomfort, THEY MUST GO. If you wore them with a smile on your face, they can stay.  Toss the resellables into one bin, and the donations into another.


If you’re still hung up on which pairs should stay and which should go, consider an organizing mantra: The 80/20 Rule.  This rule states that we use 20% of our things 80% of the time.  Take a long, hard look at the 80% of the shoes that you DON’T use…they are taking up physical and mental space in your life, and they might be better off living their lives elsewhere.


If you have brand-name shoes that are in excellent condition,  consider selling or consigning them online.  Ebay,  Tradesy, or Thredup are all great online resellers.

There are many donation venues to repurpose your gently worn shoes.  Dress for Success helps outfit women in need who are trying to enter the workforce, and is a great place to donate professional shoes.  Soles4Soles distributes donated shoes to 127 countries.  An appropriate venue to donate your gently worn casual or athletic shoes.

There!  Now that we’ve designated homes for our unwanted shoes, now comes the fun part – organizing!  We have solutions for ALL of your footwear.


The Flip Flop Hanger


Sneaker Stax


The Boot Rack


The Double Decker Boot Caddy


images via oprah, boottique

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