Tory Burch Gemini Link

Ohhh.  Tory’s Gemini Link collection has been around for awhile, and Tory adds to it here and there.  And each time she does, it gets more and more fabulous.  From jewelry to fedoras,

Some highlights from the 2016 Fall Gemini Collection:tb_30791_238







Some insight from Tory on the history of the collection:

“Two is a significant number for me. I have twins and I’m a Gemini. But I also love that this collection — with its symmetrical double links — celebrates life’s dualities, which define women today.  We all have two sides to us. I have a business side and a creative side. I’m a mother and an entrepreneur. I always talk about how I can be very happy on a farm or in the city. It’s sort of multidimensional ways of looking at life and surrounding yourself with diverse people. It’s not about the same; it’s about evolution and curiosity and pushing things in different directions.”

The piece de resistance is the swoon-worthy Gemini bag.  Sigh…




images via toryburch, neimanmarcus

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