Paint Pura Vida

On a recent trip to Costa Rica, I learned that the common greeting among the locals is “Pura Vida.”  The native language in Costa Rica is Spanish, so this translates to mean “pure life.”  But the true meaning of this phrase is more than literal.  It so beautifully and accurately reflects the laid-back, positive nature of this amazing country and its seemingly happy and intelligent population.  Used both as a greeting or a farewell, Pura Vida can express thanks, appreciation, or simply just the feeling that things are well and good.  It felt like everywhere we went, the locals were always giving us a “Pura Vida,” and it always felt so gentle and genuine.

“The paint-naming gurus at Sherwin-Williams must certainly have recently visited Costa Rica and felt the peaceful power of Pura Vida prior to naming the colors of their lovely paints.

It appears that Sherwin-Williams is moving away from grays and back into beige/taupe territory. Their Pura Vida reasoning for this shift:

“The elements that remind us to live well, be well, and stay well are vital to creating spaces to unplug. Natural materials, honed and sheer. Ancient alabaster and marble hues. Warmer grays turning to khaki and blushed neutrals. New therapies draw us to the colors of nomadic sand baths and holistic massage rooms. We’re awakening from the recession, hungry for a new orderliness, ready to feed the spirit, make memories, and savor the moment.”

And finally, here are the colors…




To me, this selection feels organic, simple, earthy, unfussy, easy, peaceful, and a little bit old school.  Just like it goes in Costa Rica.  Pura Vida.


images via designthreads, sherwinwilliams



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