Couture Donuts

Donuts (or doughnuts, if you prefer) are one of breakfast’s greatest pleasures.  Never healthy, always decadent: the donut should be reserved for special occasions only.  Or, at least “sort-of” special occasions.

So, what makes a donut great?  A recipe containing no preservatives, for starters.  Or no dough extenders.  A good quality donut should not and will not taste good after 6-8 hours.  Beware of any bakery which offers to ship donuts…they will be loaded with preservatives.  Freshness is key.  Hey, if you’re going to splurge, then do it right.  Also, a little creativity with ingredients and toppings is important.


In our fair town of Minneapolis, Glam Doll Donuts is where it’s at.  Many of their donuts are cheeky named after a naughty-but-sweet heroine, such as The Bombshell (Mexican chocolate & cayenne pepper), or The Pinup Girl (apple-bourbon fritter with bacon).


pinup girl from glamdolldonuts 

Moving west, Voodoo Donuts  in Portland is the definite Godfather in the “cool-donut” arena. The menu is so vast, you will need the time spent in the notoriously long lines to peruse the many choices, while chuckling at the witty donut names and descriptions.  Voodoo now includes locations in Eugene, Denver, and Austin.  And, they have licensed employees to perform “donut themed” weddings.  And they serve alcohol.  And they have vegan donuts.  And they are open 24/7, with a couple of exceptions.


As they say, we only live once.

images via glamdolldonuts, voodoodonuts

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