Mom Jeans

Mom jeans: friend or foe?  There are definitely pros and cons to this 1980’s throwback style which has re-reared it’s (ugly?), high-rised head the last few seasons.  For some women, this is great news.  Others, not so much.  Let’s review.


Comfort.  Let’s face it, skinny jeans can sometimes have a vice-like grip on our waistlines after a few hours of wear.  The looser fit and higher rise of a mom jean is made for comfort, and can be great while traveling, or frolicking about town.



Versatility.  You can dress mom jeans up, as seen here with this style from Topshop, brought up a notch with a stiletto heel. These are not your mother’s jeans!




Anything Goes Factor.  Any wash, any rinse, any length.  This light blue stonewashed style from BDG  proves this point.  Also, a good mom jean can potentially be very forgiving if we are carrying around a couple of extra pounds (which this model is NOT, of course).



Well. Here’s a few: extremely high frump-factor, dangerous risk of camel-toe, and a generally unflattering fit.  Should I go on? I’ll let these photos do the talking.



What do you think?  Are mom jeans your friend?

images via Nordstrom, urban outfitters, mtv 

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