OPI Nail Lacquer Gets Political

OPI Nail Lacquer was started in 1980’s by George Schaffer.  From 1989-1999, OPI only released two collections a year, Fall-Winter, and Spring-Summer.  These collections were always named after a country, region, or other geographic part of the world.  In the 2000’s, they started releasing more collections each year, centering around various timely current events.  The lacquer names always are cleverly witty and tongue-in-cheek.  When selecting our color at the nail salon, it has become instinct for all of us to turn the OPI bottle upside down and smile at the name.

Today, OPI offers a permanent collection, and continues to release seasonal collections which are available on a limited basis only.  Many household names live within the permanent collection, including Bubble Bath, I’m Not Really a Waitress, You Don’t Know Jacques!,  and Malaga Wine.

OPI colors have even been reborn as paint colors for the home, in collaboration with paint manufacturer Clark + Kensington.  There was even a polish line for dogs in the early 2000’s, named, aptly, Pawlish.

With one of the most, er, interesting election seasons in recent memory (or ever??), OPI is joining in the fun with their new Washington DC release, with politically driven lacquer names.


Top row, left to right:

CIA = Color is Awesome, Stay Off The Lawn!!, Suzi – The First Lady of Nails, Never a Dulles Moment, Pale To The Chief, Yank My Doodle.

Bottom row, left to right:

Freedom of Peach, Squeaker of the House, Sh…It’s a Secret!, Madam President, OPI by Popular Vote, We The Female.

Which color will get your vote?

images via amazon, pinterest


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