What Colors Are You?

Growing up, I recall my mother getting her “colors done.”  This meant that she paid someone a fair amount of money to look at her hair and skin tones, and tell her what color palette she should be wearing.  It was very 1980’s, and as a little girl, I smelled a rip-off.


Wildly popular in that era was the book “Color Me Beautiful”, by color “guru” Carole Jackson.  In this book, Carole allowed women to identify their color personality each season of the year, allowing women to accurately shop for clothes, accessories, and makeup.  My mom, of course, was a big believer in Carole’s mantras.  It was the 80’s, after all.


Guess what?  The color analysis phenomenon is back in vogue.  With the advent of the internet, we can now find out what “season” we are by filling out a few online questions.  After very recently learning that I am a “Summer,” I can now use color services such as Color Me Beautiful (no relation) to help guide me in the right direction as to which clothing and makeup to buy.  These services offer a personalized, portable color swatch (about $100) that can be toted around when shopping for apparel and makeup, nearly guaranteeing that we don’t make any incorrect, potentially fatal color moves!

Some cities take the movement even more seriously.  The Bay Area, for example, offers several “color party” services.  Gather your friends, uncork the wine, and have a colorist come and help everyone find their hues.  What do you think?  Is this re-emerging trend of color analysis going to last?

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