Olympic Inspiration

Are you an Olympic lover like we are?  Full disclosure: our office is located in snowy, wintery Minnesota, so most of us favor the winter Olympics over the Summer.  We just do.  It’s in our Nordic-esque DNA.  This is NOT to say, however, that we don’t love the Summer Olympics!  From August 5-21, we will be glued to our favorite events (diving, swimming, and soccer!)

This summer’s games are sure to be a blast to watch on TV, and best of all, we you can’t catch the Zika virus via airwaves.  Let’s get into the spirit with some Olympic-themed apparel.

Try Swatch’s Dots in Rio watch to get your Olympic blood pumping, and make sure you won’t miss your favorite event.




Havaianas are always current, and even more so this summer with their “Slim Rio” Olympic-styled flip-flop.  slim_rio_cidade.ab8aa134549.original[1]

Just want to show off your red, white, and blue blood?  Ralph Lauren is an official outfitter of the Rio Olympics, and this bucket hat is fun and summer-appropriate.


images via swatch, havaianas, teamusa, wsj








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