Dress for Heatwave Success

Wowie!  It’s HOT out there!  Regardless of where you are in North America, chances are the mercury has been rising and you are feeling somewhat uncomfortable with high levels of heat and/or humidity.  It may be tempting to hole up inside in the air-conditioning, or submerge into the closest cool body of water.

Practically speaking, however, we all must (and should!) brave the outdoors, even if that only entails going from point A to point B via an air-conditioned car.  And last I checked, wearing a bikini to work or to run errands is generally frowned upon.  Here’s some tips to help you more effortlessly beat the heat.

Dresses are always your best bet in high temps.  This is simple logic: less fabric equates less heat.  Choose light colors; always avoid navy or black when the temperatures are stifling.



cupcakes and cashmere “Paloma” midi dress

If you are able to go bra-less, by all means do so!!   Spanx and other sucker-inners should be avoided.  Be as free as you can be underneath your clothing, with nothing restricting or binding you in.

_12488528 _12488586

Ella Moss “Ocean” print dress

Go with the most sheer, lightweight fabric you can find.  Lacy detailing throughout can help ventilate.

_12912241 _12912121

Joie “Foxley” peasant dress

images via nordstrom

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